Top 7 Pregnancy Apps For Twins And Multiples

Top 7 Pregnancy Apps For Twins And Multiples

Are you expecting twins or multiples? When so many different products, both actual and virtual, are intended for a singleton pregnancy, it may get a bit irritating. If you know where to search, there are plenty of twin materials accessible. Check out our collection of iPhone, Android, and Amazon applications that will assist you in navigating life with twins (or more).

WebMD – WebMD Pregnancy is a FREE app from WebMD that provides expecting parents with trustworthy health information as well as entertaining features and tools. Whenever. Wherever. It doesn’t matter if you’re online or offline. Whether you’re trying to ᴄᴏɴᴄᴇɪᴠᴇ or planning your wedding, WebMD can assist you. Hundreds of doctor-approved multimedia resources and guidance for each week of pregnancy are available.

What To Expect – On iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, this app from the world’s most trusted maternity brand “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” takes you through pregnancy day by day, week by week (even hour by hour!) You’ll get tailored content, the latest parenting news and health information, and access to a close-knit network of other parents and moms-to-be like you based on your due date. You’ll gain resources and support to help you prepare and feel in control throughout your pregnancy, ensuring a happy, healthy outcome. As you navigate life as a new parent after your kid is delivered, you’ll find answers, information, and assistance.

Baby ESP – Baby ESP is a baby activity tracker that makes it simple to keep track of your child’s activities (Eating, Sleeping, Pᴏᴏᴘing and much more). Know how long it’s been since the baby’s last meal, nap, or diaper change at a glance.

BabyConnect – Baby Connect is the #1 and most comprehensive baby tracking software on the AppStore, as chosen by Apple as a highlighted App for Busy Moms. It features graphical reports and trending charts, weekly averages, medication, vaccination, and growth monitoring, timers, notifications, reminder alarms, emails,.csv export, and limitless data.

Total Baby – On the Software Store, the most comprehensive baby logging and tracking app. CNN, People, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal have all praised the book, which has been published in dozens of parenting magazines.

Jumelle Twin and Baby Tracker – Easily keep track of when, how much, and how long each baby, twin, triplet, or quadruplet, ate. Multiples’ sleeping and dirty/wet diaper habits are also tracked. Jumelle Twin and Baby Tracker provides a variety of tools for keeping track of one to ten infants.

Pregnancy Diary Twins in Wᴏᴍʙ – Smac Software’s “Twins In The Womb” pregnancy notebook app – the finest pregnancy app on the market for mothers of twins and multiples! – is created by Sarah and Peter McMillan. It’s also the simplest and most user-friendly diary app. For other moms bearing bundles of joy, ‘conceived’ by a mother of twins!